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Why test? Reason 1. Radon is hazardous to your health (EPA). Radon is proven to cause lung cancer.
Reason 2. Most real estate transactions require a radon test as difinitive factor during sale (EPA Pub., pdf).
When to test? We recommend testing 1. Right away if you never tested before.
2. After home improvement such as addition or remodeling.
3. Every two years if you have radon reduction system installed.
4. During real estate transaction.
Testing options You can test yourself! It is simple and does not take up a lot of your time. There are few ways to test for radon yourself.
1. Contact your local hardware stores. Some of them carry portable activated charcoal test kits.
2. Contact your local public health authority. The may have test kits at dicount prices. Teton County Public Health Radon Kits
3. Contact your local public health authority for the list of certified Radon Testers. Wyoming list of measurement providers
4. Or you can order a test right here by filling out the order form.
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